About Us

Growing Green Communities is an independent UK based charity founded by Rebecca Talbot, a professional environmentalist, and Lucas Barrow-Townsend, a community development specialist. We connect eco minded individuals, communities, businesses, organisations, and governments and teach them sustainable practices to make a greener future for us all. We offer support and promote environmental innovators to give them the platform to succeed.

As environmental and community development experts, we understand the environmental problems facing communities and the need for sustainable solutions to them. We understand the value of sustainable solutions and the challenges people have getting projects off the ground. We set up Growing Green Communities in 2020 to share our know-how and skills with communities, businesses, and organisations that will benefit from our advice and support.

We help communities find sustainable solutions towards:
1. Plastic Pollution
2. Waste management
3. Regeneration

To resonate with a community, you must engage within that community. We believe in a hands on approach, and our projects aim to included everyone, from children to community elders.

We support and promote organisations and businesses who
1. Are actively finding solutions to environmental problems
2. make eco friendly products

Our support ranges from consultations, to sourcing potential funding revenues, to connecting organisations we think could help each other. Everywhere we work we launch an event to connect the eco community of that country together, promote the eco businesses within it, and teach anyone who is interested, environmental solutions and sustainable tips. Only by working together can we make a more sustainable future for all.

Growing Green Communities Community Engagement
-we run projects that the whole community can join in on
-we make sure these projects have longevity, even after we are gone
-community leaders are found and appointed and our knowledge is transferred

Growing Green Communities Events
-Our events are designed to bring together the whole community. We always want families there mixing with decision makers and eco friendly businesses
-we always provide a market full of the very best sustainable products that country has to offer
-We run workshops to educate the youth about problems within the environment and how to sustainable overcome them
-we raise money for local environmental charities

Growing Green Communities, Environmental Consolation
-we hold meetings to give advice to anyone in the eco industry advice and guidance
-we will help out in anyway we can, wether its searching for investment, help with contacting officials, and even online marketing a promotion,
-we are here to help any eco-minded business or organisation in the developing word

About Us

Like many of us, we travelled the world in our 20s. Between us, we travelled to every continent on earth, bar Antartica, and experienced beautiful cultures, epic scenery, and extraordinary wildlife along the way. One thing resonated with us both throughout our travels… The state of the environment is getting worse!

Everywhere we went, from the epic Scottish Highlands to beautiful Thai beaches to Columbian streets, had some severe environmental problems. Plastic waste was rife nearly everywhere. Air pollution sometimes unbearable. And the destruction of forests was heartbreakingly common. Yes these problems existed when we were children, but have become so much more extreme as our lives go on.

Climate change is here and now, the 1st countries to bore the brunt will be the poorest in the world, many of which we both spent the last 11 years exploring. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that some of the communities we visited, will not be there in 40 years time.

We had to do something! We to act!

So we started Growing Green Communities! We wanted to start an organisation that
1. taught communities in impoverished regions of the about their envoirments, why it is important to look after them, and how the can be more sustainable in the future.
2. Promote eco minded business and organisations
3. Lobbied governments within those countries to more environmentally friendly polices