Handmade Natural Soap

The Women's Initiative Gambia makes all things eco, and that includes their soap. They use only natural ingredients local to the Gambia such as Moringa and Mahogany and it shows in their soup. It is so luxurious and makes your skin feel fantastic!

Available Scents:

Mahogany - Luxurious smell and gives your skin a shine

Neem - Great for your immune system and has an almost citrus scent

Moringa - A superfood of Gambia, every part of the plant is used and has a slight minty smell

Black Coconut - Cocunt husk is used to give a fantastic coco-nutty smell

The Women's Initiative Gambia will receive their full amount from this sale and we have added on a small amount to cover the commission and postage...that's it!

2 different sizes are available in each soap, and delivery will take 2-3 weeks.

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